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Want To Support Us? You Legend!

Your contribution allows Paws 4 Life to continue assisting animals in need.  We’re funded entirely by donations, fundraising, and grants.  We are so grateful for all and any donations – every little bit makes a difference!

Paws 4 Life is a registered donee organisation and all financial contributions over $5 are tax deductible.  If you’re donating via credit card you’ll automatically be emailed a tax donation receipt, otherwise please email Rachael if you would like one.

If you’d like to donate goods, please get in touch.

Donate - Credit Card

If you are donating via credit or debit card you will automatically be emailed a tax donation receipt.  This can be reissued at any time should you lose it.  If you are setting up a recurring donation you have full control over this and can change the amount, pause, or cancel recurring donations at any time using your Donorbox login.

Donate - Direct Credit

If you’d like to donate via direct credit, our bank account details are:

BNZ / Paws 4 Life / 02 0410 0135557 00

Remember, all financial contributions over $5 are tax deductible.  If you’d like a tax donation receipt please email Rachael.

Donate - Goods

We are always incredibly grateful for donations of goods that can be used in the shelter or by one of our many foster families.  In particular:

> Food – we can find a use for anything but we are always in need of kitten biscuits and wet food to fill hungry bellies.

> Bedding and Towels – the shelter generates a huge amount of washing every single day so the easier it is to wash and dry, the better. Old towels, lightweight blankets, or small cat/dog beds are perfect and are always appreciated.

> Litter boxes, litter, and scoops

> Enrichment Items – all of our animals are provided with a selection of enrichment items and toys so that they can express natural behaviours such as scratching. We destroy a phenomenal number of toys and scratching towers/posts on a yearly basis and are in constant need of replacements.

> Cleaning Supplies – the cleaning is never ending so we absolutely love donations of dishwashing detergent, bleach, laundry powder, rubbish bags, and any wet/dry vacuum cleaners that you no longer have a use for.

Leave A Legacy

What’s A Legacy?
A legacy, or bequest, is a gift left in your will in order to continue supporting causes close to your heart after you’ve gone.  It is an amazing act of kindness that will make a positive difference and lasting impact for the organisation that you choose to support.

How To Leave A Legacy
If you would like to leave a legacy to the Paws 4 Life Charitable Trust to continue our work, you will need to stipulate this in your will.  We recommend that you seek the help of your solicitor or a trustee company to ensure that your intentions are properly recorded and valid.

There are a few different options available to you when leaving a legacy:

> Pecuniary or Specific – this is a pre-determined amount of money or a specified item of value such as property or stocks and shares.

> Percentage or Fractional – this is a legacy expressed as a percentage or fraction of your estate.

> Residuary – this is a legacy comprising of the remainder (or a percentage thereof) of your estate after all debts have been settled, your loved ones have been provided for, and any other legacies have been distributed.

> Whole Estate – this is legacy that comprises of your whole estate, and is usually left by those without beneficiaries.

When updating your will, please also ensure that provisions are made for your companion animals after you pass away.  They are always welcome at Paws 4 Life if custody cannot be transferred to a friend or family member.