The Paws 4 Life Charitable Trust (CC45520) operates the largest animal shelter in the Waikato region and has been an integral part of our community’s support network for the past ten years. 

Our mission is simple – to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome companion animals who have no one else to speak up for them. It doesn’t matter if they’re stray, abandoned, wild, or simply unwanted, we’re here for them.  

Our values have always remained the same – we’re non-judgemental, passionate about what we do, and we ensure that all animal decisions are determined by sound medical and ethical reasoning.

What We Do
>  Advocate for those without a voice
Offer shelter to companion animals who need it and find them the perfect new home
Educate the public about their obligations as a pet owner and help facilitate the removal of barriers to responsible pet ownership
Work towards a reduction in stray and wild cat populations in Hamilton by providing the public with humane traps and a place for those animals to go.

Our Story
Founded by Rachael Maher, an ex-SPCA Inspector in 2010, Paws 4 Life has grown from a one-woman operation to an organisation that the Waikato community relies on to be there for the animals. 

These days we’re headed up by Rachael Maher and Jay Johanssen who are supported by an army of volunteers and foster families, and backed by the team at Kelly Andrews Veterinary Services.  Between all of us we are able to offer shelter to over 2000 cats every single year, with a few dogs, goats, lambs, and rabbits thrown into the mix just to keep things interesting.