Would you like to foster?

fostering-topPaws 4 life is always in need of wonderful people like you to foster the animals as they come in. This gives Paws 4 life time to asses the animal and provide for the animals physical, health and behavioural needs.

It also allows time for the animals to settle and be treated as an animal should, in a loving environment.

Fostering an animal is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have (other than adopting, of course!)

By taking an animal in need temporarily into your home you are:

  • Giving your foster animal the time they need to be ready for adoption.
  • Helping us learn more about the animal so they can be rehomed into the best home possible.
  • Socializing the animal in a home environment and possibly getting them used to being around other pets and different types of people.


A wide variety of animals of different ages and needs come into Paws 4 life.



Kittens especially during the months of December to March. Kittens may come in alone or in a litter and even at time still with their mothers. Kittens need to be kept inside as they have not been desexed or had their vaccinations done, this means they need to be provided with a safe secure environment with bedding a litter tray as access to fresh food and water. Kittens also need to be fed regularly on a suitable diet, when they are very young this may mean small amounts six times a day.



Adult cats often come in when they have been abandoned. At Paws 4 life we believe all animals deserve a good home. These cats need to be kept indoors, they will have their vaccinations done and be desexed. This is also a good time to assess the cats personality and their likes and dislikes so they can be matched with a suitable home.




Puppies may come in alone in a litter or still with their mum. They need to be kept inside in a safe and secure area as they haven’t had their vacations done and still need to be desexed. They need to be provided with bedding, toys and access to fresh food and water. Toilet needs depends on the age of the puppies, by six weeks they should be starting toilet training which means being supervised in a secure area. Puppies depending on breed also need to be exercised, due to vaccination requirement this needs to be done at home in a secure yard under supervision.



Adult dogs can be very rewarding. These are dogs who need re homing for a number of reasons. It is important to be informed about the dogs background especially if they have been abused. These dogs will have their vaccinations done and be desexed if it hasn’t already been done. As with any dog they need to be exercised and socialized once the all clear is given on the vaccinations. Introducing a new dog to the family should be done in a supervised manner especially introductions to existing dogs as well as children.



Medical emergencies come up once in a while with all types of animals. These animals are cared for by vets and need homes experienced in dealing with illness or injures as these animals will be on medication and possibly special diets. They often need to be isolated and a crate used to ensure their safety.




We are always in need of foster homes to help us continue our good work.

Please register your interest so we can complete a property check then contact you when a suitable match comes up. This will allow us to get our incoming animals in to great foster homes as soon as possible.

Paws 4 Life is based in Hamilton, New Zealand.


– Secure facilities to house the animal/s

– Fully fenced yard for dogs

– Transports for taking animals to vets

– Have a property check completed by a Paws 4 life staff member