Paws 4 Life has rescued almost 3000 animals since 2010. We have rescued kittens, cats, puppies, dogs, lambs, birds, hedgehogs – any animal that needs help – we will help!

about-paws-4-lifePaws 4 Life operates from one main shelter and our animals grow up or rehabilitate in loving foster homes. We have a large network of amazing people who all donate in various ways. Our Team of Volunteers: foster, donate time, donate food, donate animal equipment, offer financial support, provide services and generally help in every way that they can all for the greater good of the animals.

Paws 4 Life is 100% operated on donations. We do not receive any funding from any source – we fundraise and beg a lot!. We do this because it is the right thing to do, to alleviate an animal’s suffering is the core reason why we exist.

Paws 4 Life pride’s itself on being an honest, trustworthy, reliable and ethical Charity.


about-paws-4-lifePaws 4 Life try’s to help every animal in our care get whatever they need. Even if that means an unusual, complex or life saving costly surgery, we will try to make this happen. We have had hundreds of animals needing something ‘extra’ and they have gone on to being adopted into loving homes. Bronte’s had her eye removed, Sophie had her leg removed, eye surgeries have ben performed, dentals have been done and limbs and tails have been amputated to name just a few from the last few months! No animal leaves Paws 4 Life without being desexed, naturally!

Paws 4 Life spends on average $5,000 plus each and every month on animal care alone. We rely on food being donated, equipment being donated to help us focus our funds on specialist veterinary care.

Paws 4 Life animals are exclusively treated and cared for by the amazing Team at Vetora Glenview, Hamilton. Without the whole team’s support and care, we could not do what we do. We work very closely with the Vets, Vet Nurses and Administration staff to achieve our goals for each and very animal.

We are very grateful for Vetora as their support keeps us working hard!


Because Paws 4 Life does not have access to the same pricing schedules as a large organisation such as the SPCA. We also house our animals in foster homes, we do not have large catteries and kennels, Paws 4 Life animals receive daily one on one care and they also receive whatever each individual animal needs, no matter the cost.

Yes, our services and adoption prices may be different, but we know our animals intimately and we stand behind our animals so you can be confident on your new adoption.


Paws 4 Life operates on a Pay It Forward method.

Funds raised from adopting out our animals in turn help fund the next animal that needs to come in to the shelter to receive help. This is why we manage our animal numbers and we have limited vacancies.

Once an animal is adopted, this in turn creates a vacancy for the next animal to come in.


We are always in need of kitten, cat, puppy and dog food.

We always need pet equipment such as cages, kennels, crates, toys, heat pads, cat poles, dog/cat collars, dog leads – anything at all really!

And we are always in need of financial assistance, every little bit truly does help, sponsorship from local businesses and help with costs such as administration costs, advertising and promotion costs.

We would love to have everyone in our community know about Paws 4 Life and we need your help to achieve this!


Paws 4 Life would like to open a Paws 4 Life Shelter.

If we have a bigger space there is no stopping us to have ability to help the many thousands of animals in our communities that desperately need help. So many animals do not receive any care at all and we are restricted to the number of people and animals we can help.